Friday, Feb 5th @ 7pm PST until Sunday night

Square Bowl

Two game developers vs one Square RPG in 48 hours.
This is our videogame super bowl.

We started Square Bowl in 2015 as an excuse to play through classic RPGs we loved as kids -- with fresh eyes now that games are our profession. What holds up? What doesn’t? What do we love, and can we capture that in our work? We’ve continued this tradition, with guests from the games industry stopping by. We’re happy this year to be supporting the AbleGamers Charity! Please donate as you watch us descend into sleepless delirium and sing!


Last year we did FF7 - a widely-beloved game. FF8, on the other hand, can be pretty divisive. Surrounded by 6, 7, Tactics, 9, and 10, it’s often critiqued as a dip in the series. But most of us haven’t played it for over a decade. We want to explore what has problems, and what shines through. Hey, it has Liberi Fatali, one of Nobuo Uematsu’s most acclaimed pieces of music!

Adriel Wallick

An independent video game developer based out of the Netherlands! She is the organizer of Train Jam, a game designer, and a programmer. She has worked on a number of commercial releases, participates in numerous game jams, speaks internationally at events, and once spent an entire year creating a new game every week.
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Teddy Dief

A game designer and writer based in Los Angeles, making Hyper Light Drifter and Kyoto Wild. He occasionally writes and speaks about games, culture, and design. He's a co-founder of game collective Glitch City, former narrative design researcher at the University of Southern California, and a Disney Interactive alum.
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